1619 Project creator says series is "journalism" and "not a history"

by Bryan Brammer · May 11th, 2020 1:20 pm

The creator of the controversial 1619 Project, a commentary series highlighting the impact of slavery in America, is defending her work, saying it was meant to be "journalism" and "not a history."

"The 1619 Project is not a history," creator Nikole Hannah-Jones said in an MSNBC interview Sunday. "It is a work of journalism that examines the modern and ongoing legacy of slavery."

Although Hannah-Jones received a Pulitzer Prize for her commentary series, the project has been heavily criticized by historians for its inaccuracies.

At the end of last year, five American historians wrote a letter to the New York Times editor saying they were "dismayed at some of the factual errors in the project and the closed process behind it."

Earlier this year, another group of predominately African-American scholars and journalist launched the 1776 initiative, a series of essays and resources that "counter the false history that the 1619 Project espouses."

? Despite its inaccuracies, the 1619 Project is currently being used in thousands of classrooms with the help of the Pulitzer Center.


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