21-year-old Christian human rights activist severely beaten while detained in Iran: report

by Daniel Payne · Feb 18th, 2020 4:29 pm

Young Christian activist Mary Mohammadi has reportedly been severely beaten in a notoriously dangerous women's prison in Iran after being arrested following public criticism of the Iranian regime.

Officers reportedly "beat her so severely that the bruises were visible for three weeks."

Mohammadi, a former Muslim who took the name Mary when she converted to Christianity, is allegedly being detained in Qarchak prison, a women's prison a little more than 20 miles south of Tehran. Female prisoners in that facility are reportedly abused on a regular basis, denied drinking water, and put at risk for sexual assault.

Mohammadi's family was allegedly able to obtain enough money to post bail for her release, but the prosecutor in charge of her case refused to accept it. She has been charged with "disrupting public order by participating in an illegal gathering."


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