22 Nigerian Christians killed, thousands displaced after 3 days of raids from Fulani militants

by Peter Heck · Jul 17th, 2020 9:58 am

Last Updated Jul 18th, 2020 at 8:27 pm

Fulani militants killed at least 22 Christians and displaced an additional 2,000 following three bloody days of attacks in the Kaduna state of Nigeria. The violence occurred despite the presence of increased security and a perpetual curfew enacted following previous attacks.

The initial raid took place on July 10 in the farming community of Chibob. Nine villagers, most of whom were women and children, were killed, and seven more were injured as militants burned 20 homes and stole the villagers' food and animals. Bilkisu James detailed the horror that killed her husband and seven other people in her household.

"The Fulani came in and were shooting," James said. "They killed two of my children."

She went on to detail watching five of her family members – two mothers, an infant, and two young boys – be slaughtered with machetes.

"I heard them light the match and set the house on fire. We were lucky. It was more of smoke, which I was able to survive," she continued. "Before I was shot, I saw the Fulani man who is my neighbour, he even identified me. I surrendered to him on my knees."

Bilkisu said. Her assailants then shot at her chest and back simultaneously and she fell to the floor.

"As I lay there, I heard my daughter say she is dying," she said.

Kigudu, a village that neighbors Chibob, was targeted the following day. There, the Muslim radicals torched a home where 10 women, a baby, and an elderly man had sought refuge. The blaze killed all of them.

A final raid occurred July 12, when the village of Anguwan Audu was burned.

🔦 The Southern Kaduna People's Union estimates roughly 2,000 fled to displacement camps as a result of the attacks.


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