6-year-old girl finds message from Chinese prisoner in Christmas card

by Daniel Payne · Dec 23rd, 2019 2:20 pm

A British mother and father were shocked this month after they discovered a message inside their 6-year-old daughter's Christmas card apparently written by an inmate in a Chinese prison begging for help.

The young girl, Florence Widdicombe, discovered the message while filling out several Christmas cards for her school friends. The message told of "foreign prisoners" in a Chinese prison "forced to work against our will." The message urged the reader to contact Peter Humphrey, a British journalist who had spent time in the same prison on what he called "bogus charges."

The British grocery company that sold the card, Tesco, said it "halted production" of the cards when it learned of the message. The company said it planned to "permanently de-list" the card supplier if it found proof of the card's allegations.


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