"A moment of pride": Jen Hatmaker reveals her daughter is gay

by Adam Ford · Jun 26th, 2020 5:04 pm

Last Updated Jun 30th, 2020 at 2:48 pm

Progressive Christian author and speaker Jen Hatmaker has happily revealed in a podcast episode "in honor of Pride Month" that her daughter Sydney is a lesbian.

The "special bonus" episode's description reads, in full:

On this incredibly meaningful, special bonus episode of For the Love, in honor of Pride Month, a mother and daughter come together to have a frank and beautiful conversation about what it's like to grow up as the daughter of a popular Christian author and speaker and in a household steeped in the church . . . and realize you're gay. This is Jen and Sydney Hatmaker's experience—and in this episode, Sydney and her mom tell their story so that parents, family, and friends of LGBTQ+ kids who need trustworthy voices to lead them into love and affirmation will find hope here. Sydney bravely and tenderly shares how she grappled with reconciling her sexuality and her spirituality, all the while wondering if God would still love her if she decided to build a life where she could be who she was meant to be. The pair candidly discuss Sydney's initial silent journey and Jen's deep regret at not being more aware of what her daughter needed during these early days as Sydney wrestled alone with who she was. Jen and Sydney make a call to Christians to look at what it means to really love our LGBTQ+ family: recognizing them wholly as God's children, who are wholly loved by God. Sydney also gives us insight into how we can come alongside our LGBTQ+ family by showing us what meaningful allyship looks like: supporting and protecting those who are subject to marginalization with tangible actions filled with love.

According to the Hatmakers, the family has known that Sydney is gay for a number of years now, and Sydney explained that it "just destroyed her" to learn Jen's previous position that she "loved but did not affirm" the LGBT lifestyle.

In 2016 Jen Hatmaker controversially came out in full support of LGBT inclusion in the church.


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