Texas security guard rewarded with $1,000 after $13 good deed in grocery store

by Peter Heck · Sep 4th, 2020 9:34 am

Last Updated Sep 5th, 2020 at 9:47 am

Standing at the Walmart check-out, 75-year-old Delmaretta Stipp found herself in a position familiar to many people – she was $13 short to be able to pay her bill.

"I started digging," she said of her purse. "And, the more I dug, the worse I felt."

Stipp said she was hearing the audible groans of those stuck behind her when a stranger named Robert Navarro came through the line.

"All of the sudden the clerk next to the lady that was taking care of me said, 'hold it, someone wants to pay.' And, I said, 'no, no. She's going to take this off.' And, then this guy, don't even know where he was, came through and said, ‘I want to pay.'"

Navarro, a security guard, later said that Stipp reminded him of his late mother.

"And, I was feeling like my mom was sending me a message right then and there," Stipp said. "Help her, son. Just the way she raised us as a single mother with me and my sister."

After his act of kindness, the 75-year-old wanted to pay him back somehow, so she nominated him for the local Fox San Antonio affiliate's "Cash for Kindness" program. So, under the guise of being invited for a thank you card and some coffee, Navarro arrived at Stipp's house and was greeted by a news crew.

Stipp explained her reasoning to her surprised guest.

"I called [Fox reporter] Ryan [Wolf] because I wanted all of San Antonio to know what a sweet young man you are," she said. "And, there aren't very many people in this world who would stand up and do what you did. When I was in line there, you just came right up. You made me cry and you're still making me cry."

As the two embraced, Wolf stepped forward with one more surprise for the Good Samaritan.

"You made a difference in her life, not because of the amount you spent, but because you chose to stand up and do something for her that nobody else did," he said. "In my pocket, on behalf of Miracle Body & Paint and Fox San Antonio, this my friend is for you."

Wolf handed a shocked Navarro $1,000 cash.

"Thank you so much, mom," Navarro laughed as he opened his arms to give Stipp one last bear hug.


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