Trump's 2021 budget looks to curb spending amid record debt

by Daniel Payne · Feb 7th, 2020 3:37 pm

An advanced copy of President Trump's 2021 budget points to the White House's intent to slash what the document calls "duplicative programs and wasteful spending" at the federal level.

The plan involves provisions such as ending the year-end spending binge for which Washington is famous. Items purchased near the end of one recent fiscal year include $4.6 million worth of seafood and $9.8 million worth of workout equipment.

The budget also looks to end the federal government's notorious habit of improper payments, such as Social Security benefits to those who have died. Forbes estimates that the government has paid out $1.5 trillion in improper funds over the last 15 years. The Trump administration is promising "new strategies to reduce monetary loss."


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