After 10 consecutive sons, British couple welcomes their 1st baby girl

by Peter Heck · Jun 18th, 2020 9:02 am

After giving birth to 10 sons, Alexis and David Brett brought home their first baby girl, Cameron. The British couple are believed to be the only family in the country's history to have 10 consecutive sons, a feat that had left the part-time fitness instructor feeling more than a little outnumbered.

"I just didn't really think we were capable of making a girl," she said.

Alexis, a former nurse, said she was so convinced that she would be having her 11th son, she almost passed on asking the sonographer to identify the unborn child's gender. Upon learning the shocking news, the couple planned a special gender reveal for their family.

Like their parents, the 10 boys, Campbell, Harrison, Corey, Lachlan, Brodie, Brahn, Hunter, Mack, Blake, and Rothagaidh, are all thrilled to have a baby girl in the house.

"They are desperate to help out … her brothers are very protective of her," Alexis said of the couple's 10 boys.

David, a train driver who suffers from early-onset Parkinson's, is able to work, but spends most of his time making trips to the grocery store. The family reportedly consumes almost a gallon of milk and two loaves of bread a day.

Alexis, who grew up as an only child, said the entire family adores their new baby girl, but that she will be the last addition to the family.

"Lots of people assume we have had so many children because we have kept trying for a girl but that's absolutely not the case," Alexis told Caters News, adding, "We're definitely not having any more!"


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