After Sanders' Nevada win, Drudge headlines Salon article advocating "revolutionary" socialist takeover of U.S.

by Adam Ford · Feb 23rd, 2020 9:18 am

There are few more potent drivers of website traffic than the coveted Drudge Report banner — the big, screaming, all-caps headline just above the website's name.

This author can attest to that fact by experience.

Curiously, since Bernie Sanders' decisive win in the Nevada caucuses more than 12 hours ago, the enigmatic Matt Drudge has pointed his traffic bazooka at a radical article from far-left website Salon which, literally, advocates a socialist takeover of America.

The highlighted banner leads to this Salon article:

Though the title seems innocuous enough, the article itself, written by two committed socialists, is a full-throated battle plan "for revolutionary change" to "erode the power of the capitalist class" and "replace capitalism with socialism" in America.

Here are some choice snippets from the article:

  • "A country like the United States has both a well-developed capitalist state, beholden to the capitalist class and armed to the teeth."
  • "Capitalists won't let us slowly but surely inch our way toward a new society; at some point, probably around the time our advances start decisively challenging their control over industry and their profits, they're going to try to tear us down by any means necessary."
  • "To stop this race-to-the-bottom cycle undercutting workers' power and lay the groundwork for revolutionary change, we must erode the power of the capitalist class. We can accomplish that by, for example, imposing capital controls—measures that stop the free movement of capital in response to changing social and economic conditions. But to pass economic reforms as significant as these, we can't just agitate in the streets, as important as that is. We have to be in power."
  • "Elections can be used to build mass working-class movements, and the project of wielding state power can be used to clear the path for those movements as they confront their class enemies."
  • "Adherents of the democratic road strategy don't claim to know the precise sequence of events that will lead us to socialism, nor do we pretend it will be a cakewalk to eliminate capitalism, even with our people in power."
  • "Eventually, after the Left has won significant gains at the ballot box and in civil society, the capitalist class will take the gloves off against socialists and do whatever it takes to destroy our movement. We'll need to fight back. The democratic road to socialism seeks not to elide this confrontation, but to make it possible. To replace capitalism with socialism, writes Blanc, '(a) socialists should fight to win a socialist universal suffrage electoral majority in government/parliament and (b) socialists must expect that serious anti-capitalist change will necessarily require extra-parliamentary mass action like a general strike and a revolution to defeat the inevitable sabotage and resistance of the ruling class.'"

This is a remarkable article Salon has published advocating socialist revolution in the United States.

It is remarkable that the Drudge Report has been blasting traffic to it for a day now, as a response to the most consequential election of the 2020 primaries thus far.

Matt Drudge, known for decades as a right-leaning publisher with libertarian tendencies who hates taxes, is nothing if not independent and unpredictable. It is also well-known that he has been unhappy with President Trump — whom he helped elect with nonstop favorable coverage — for some time now.

Is Drudge co-signing the article? Or is he trying to warn his myriad readers that the socialist takeover described therein is where the Democratic Party is leading America?

Only Drudge knows.


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