Al Mohler endorses Trump, says Biden-Harris "would be ... most pro-abortion political force in American history"

by Laura Mize · Oct 29th, 2020 12:07 pm

Last Updated Oct 31st, 2020 at 12:10 am

Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote in a blog post published Monday that he has voted for President Trump in the 2020 election and decried the secular changes Joe Biden would bring as president.

Mohler defended his decision not to vote for Trump in 2016, saying that he had problems with immoral actions in Trump's past and "doubted that Donald Trump meant to fulfill his promises."

"I was wrong," Mohler wrote of his 2016 perspective on Trump's promises.

"In terms of presidential action, Donald Trump has been the most effective and consequential pro-life president of the modern age," he wrote. "Furthermore, in both executive actions and court appointments, President Trump has gone far beyond what would have been politically necessary to secure his base. He has staked his place in history and has defied the accommodationist temptation and has given pro-life Americans more than any other president."

Mohler acknowledged that a slew of issues deserve attention, including the environment, racial injustice, immigration, religious liberty, foreign affairs, economic policy, and energy policy, among others.

"I believe there is no hope for defending human dignity for all if it is denied in the womb," Mohler wrote. "To be intellectually responsible is to recognize the array of issues confronting us, but the same intellectual responsibility demands that we know which questions are prior to others and on which truths the entire superstructure of human dignity and human rights depend."

He also noted Biden's abandonment of decades-long support for the Hyde Amendment, which restricts abortion.

"Just consider the fact that a Biden-Harris administration would be, by any honest account, the most pro-abortion political force in American history," he wrote. "Biden, who once bragged of supporting the Hyde Amendment for decades, abandoned it in haste earlier this year when required to gain the nomination. Hardly a profile in courage."

Mohler also described the Democratic party's stance against religious liberty, specifically on issues such as whether employers must pay for certain kinds of birth control, promotion of transgender procedures for young children, and "conscience protection" for professionals who do not want to participate in same-sex weddings or abortions.

Mohler criticized Trump's "divisive comments and sub-presidential behavior" as "an embarrassment," and said he understands if other Christians cannot vote for the man. But, he discouraged them from voting for Biden, an action he called "beyond my moral imagination."


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