Amazon announces Halo wristband that tracks body fat, sleep temperature, emotions

by Bryan Brammer · Aug 27th, 2020 2:23 pm


Last Updated Aug 28th, 2020 at 11:26 am

Amazon introduced its first entry into the wearables market on Thursday with the announcement of Halo — an affordable new wristband for health and fitness tracking.

While the space is currently dominated by the Apple Watch and Fitbit products, Halo offers new features that have yet to be seen on mainstream wearable devices.

One of the device's unique features is the ability to track a person's emotional state by listening to the tone of their voice. It also provides a 3D rendering of the user's body with an estimated body fat percentage via a smartphone app.

The device resembles a Fitbit tracker with its LED lights, dual microphones, and screenless design. Similar to other fitness wearables, Halo tracks motion, heart rate, sleep phases, and skin temperature while sleeping.

Amazon's Melissa Cha, a vice president at Halo, said the company's expansion into the health market required a whole new set of hires and several years of preparation and research.

"We did a global search to find the best experts. We found cardiologists, fitness experts, and people who had spent their careers researching sleep and wellness," Cha said.

Unlike Apple Watch and Fitbit, Halo is only available as part of a subscription service. Customers will be able to buy a single band plus a six-month subscription for $64.99 during an early access period beginning Thursday.

The price will eventually increase to $99.99 and users will have to pay $3.99 per month to keep their account active.


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