Amazon faces pregnancy discrimination suit from transgender employee

by Peter Heck · Oct 8th, 2020 12:19 pm

Last Updated Oct 10th, 2020 at 10:35 am

Shaun Simmons of New Jersey, a biological woman who identifies as a transgender man, has filed a harassment lawsuit against Amazon. Simmons claims to have been denied a promotion after informing management she was pregnant.

Simmons claims that after informing her boss that she was pregnant, word traveled quickly around the warehouse to the point that she was harassed in the men's restroom, with one worker asking, "Aren't you pregnant?"

Believing she was being targeted by her bosses for demotion, Simmons took her complaint to human resources and was put on administrative leave. Upon returning, she had been demoted to a position that required her to lift "large bags of dog food."

When she complained about the new assignment given her pregnant condition, she was placed on another leave and told that in order to receive future pregnancy-related accommodations she would need to provide a note from medical professionals.

"Amazon has a policy and practice of discriminating against individuals because of their disability and/or pregnancy, failing to provide employees with accommodations, and retaliating against employees for requesting an accommodation, which is demonstrated by the dozens of lawsuits filed against Amazon in the past six years in the state of New Jersey alone," Simmons's suit says.

At least seven lawsuits have been filed against Amazon by women claiming they were fired after revealing their pregnancy to superiors.

Simmons is seeking reinstatement, including back pay, legal fees, and the retention of lost benefits, as well as punitive damages.


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