Americans see divorce, fornication, gay relations as more morally acceptable than wearing fur: Gallup

by Laura Mize · Jun 30th, 2020 1:52 pm

Last Updated Jul 1st, 2020 at 11:33 am

More Americans believe wearing clothing made of animal fur is morally wrong than those who are morally opposed to divorce, gay relations, or sex between an unmarried man and woman, a new Gallup poll shows.

The poll, conducted May 1-13, surveyed 1,028 adults. Among participants, 54% said buying or wearing fur clothing is morally acceptable.

More approved of activities once considered contradictory to Judeo-Christian values: 66% said gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable, 72% said sex between unmarried heterosexual adults is morally acceptable, and 77% said divorce is morally acceptable.

The five behaviors with the lowest levels of approval as morally acceptable are, according to the poll:

  • Married men and women having an affair (9%)
  • Cloning humans (12%)
  • Suicide (18%)
  • Polygamy (20%)
  • Cloning animals (34%)

The study also found record low support — 54% — for the death penalty.


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