Amnesty International updates abortion policy, calls for "universal access," says right to life starts at birth

by Laura Mize · Oct 15th, 2020 4:03 pm

Last Updated Oct 21st, 2020 at 1:01 pm

Amnesty International, which bills itself as a human rights organization, has updated its policy on abortion to "call for universal access to safe abortions for all people who need them."

The organization's previous abortion policy "advocated for abortion access under certain circumstances." Now, the entity says, abortion should be provided to anyone who wants it "as early as possible and as late as necessary."

An FAQ page on Amnesty International's website says the organization wants governments to decriminalize abortion, though it recognizes some governments may impose limits.

"Amnesty International acknowledges that states may regulate access to abortion, including by setting 'gestational limits,'" the group said. "However, any such limits must be subject to human rights scrutiny and should not result in discrimination or human rights violations."

The same page says that a right to life begins at birth and that "ensuring everyone can access safe abortion protects the right to life."

"Amnesty's hypocrisy is glaring," said Daniel Frampton, spokesperson for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. "Calling itself an organization that stands up for ‘humanity and human rights,' it disgraces itself by refusing to recognize the humanity and human rights of unborn babies."

The Christian Institute calls Amnesty International "one of the biggest promoters of abortion in the world."

Read the policy here.


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