Anti-social, violent, mentally ill, hated Trump: Details emerge about Boulder shooter

by Peter Heck · Mar 24th, 2021 8:51 am

Last Updated Mar 26th, 2021 at 3:32 pm

Family members and acquaintances have offered details into the life and mind of the Syrian-born Colorado man who opened fire at a King Soopers grocery store Monday, killing 10 people.

The 21-year-old man, whose name and photo Disrn is choosing not to publish, made several Facebook posts revealing that he was a proud Muslim, railing against "Islamophobes" in noticeably paranoid ways. He complained about being lonely and needing a girlfriend, also ranting often about his disdain for former President Donald Trump.

His brother dismissed the notion that the attack was a political statement, but rather the result of mental illness and a pathologically anti-social mindset.

"[It was] not at all a political statement, it's mental illness," the shooter's brother said in an interview. "The guy used to get bullied a lot in high school, he was like an outgoing kid but after he went to high school and got bullied a lot, he started becoming anti-social."

Former wrestling teammates of the shooter shared that he was prone to violent outbursts and aggression, even threatening to "kill everybody" when he lost an intra-squad match to make the varsity team.

According to police, the killer had at least one arrest on his record, a 2017 assault incident where he punched someone for making fun of his race. He also ranted about Trump's immigration policies and was critical of his supporters for their unwavering support of the former president.

Police captured the shooter after a standoff Monday. He stripped off the tactical vest he had been wearing for the attack and asked police if he could talk to his mother.


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