"Anyone know any hackers?": "Anti-racist" Facebook group targets parents who questioned school's Critical Race Theory curriculum

by Jordyn Pair · Mar 17th, 2021 9:04 am

Last Updated Mar 22nd, 2021 at 5:01 pm

A group of parents and teachers in Loudoun County, Virginia, are working to compile a list of parents in the county who are suspected of disagreeing with the school district adding Critical Race Theory to its curriculum.

The 624-member private Facebook group called "Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County" issued a call to members to provide information about parents who they felt disagreed with school curriculum or were "neutral" on it.

A local mother named Jen Durham posted the call into the group, writing:

"This is a call for volunteers to combat the anti-CRT activities of the P.A.C.T. [Parents Against Critical Theory] folks, the stoplcpscrt website, and the like. Looking for folks who are interested in volunteering to organize, lead, execute, and donate regarding the following points:

  • Gather information (community mailing lists, list of folks who are in charge of the anti-CRT movement, lists of local lawmakers/folks in charge)
  • Infiltrate (create fake online profiles and join these groups to collect and communicate information, hackers who can either shut down their websites or redirect them to pro-CRT/anti-racist informational webpages)
  • Spread information (expose these people publicly, create online petitions, create counter-mailings)
  • Find a way to gather donations for these efforts. Volunteering is great, but these activities can be costly and not everyone has extra funds readily available

Anyone who is interested in this, please feel free to comment here or PM me directly and indicate what you can help with. Then we can hold a kickoff call and start on action items."

Durham also said that she is "losing any hope that remaining civil towards these people changes anything."

"Anyone know any hackers?" she reiterated.

Members of the group then began listing dozens of parents, often also including where they lived, their employers, or their spouses' names.

The group may have violated a Virginia law that says that "any person who commands, entreats, or otherwise attempts to persuade another person to commit a felony other than murder" is guilty of a Class 6 felony.

The activity was also highlighted to the Loudoun Sheriff's Department by David Gordon, director of the Virginia Project.

"We have been presented with evidence of open organization of criminal activity intended to infringe 1st Amendment rights," Gordon wrote, in addition to sending screenshots. "We believe one intended target of this activity is our presentation on Critical Race Theory. Please note in particular the threat to hack websites, which from firsthand experience we know is not an idle one."

There is currently an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter.


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