Apple unveils new iPhone with $399 price tag

by Laura Mize · Apr 15th, 2020 12:17 pm

Apple has announced the upcoming release of a new version of the iPhone SE, with a low-for-Apple price tag better fit for the coronavirus-stricken economy: $399.

Internally, the latest iPhone SE has much in common with the iPhone 11 (which costs $699) and the iPhone 11 Pro (which costs $999). But externally, it looks like the iPhone 8, which is now being discontinued. The original iPhone SE launched in 2016.

Apple's latest offering comes without the fanfare of previous iPhone releases, as the company foregoes a flashy launch event due to coronavirus, and most consumers will not be able to try it before purchase because of store closures. The tech giant will begin taking preorders Friday, and buyers can expect to receive their phones by April 24.


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