Arkansas cop "executed" in car was shot 10 times in head by man with "interest in anti-law enforcement groups"

by Adam Ford · Dec 15th, 2019 5:08 pm

27-year-old Arkansas police officer Stephen Carr was "ambushed and executed" as he sat in his patrol car outside police headquarters earlier this month, and authorities say "searches of the assailant's social media accounts indicate he was interested in anti-law enforcement groups."

The officer was shot 10 times in the head. The medical examiner said any one of the 10 shots would have been fatal.

Surveillance footage that captured the ambush was released by law enforcement. The Washington Country Sheriff's Office said:

"We have hesitated to release the attached video of what transpired that night due to the heinous and shocking nature of this crime, but in an effort to keep the public informed of exactly what happened that night, we are releasing video of the incident along with the results of the Arkansas State Medical Examiner's preliminary findings."

The assailant, 35-year-old London Phillips, sneaked up behind Carr's patrol vehicle at the police station and opened fire at point-blank range, killing the officer who was sitting in the driver's seat. The video shows Phillips continuing to fire as he walked away from the vehicle.

Two other Fayetteville officers, Seay Floyd and Natalie Eucce, heard the gunfire from inside the building, ran outside, engaged Phillips in a gun battle, and shot him to death.

Hundreds of people attended Carr's funeral on Thursday, where the police chief vowed, "Stephen Carr's badge number 413 will not be forgotten."

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist the slain officer's family.


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