As left-wing anarchism stalks his city, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler warns of white supremacy

by Peter Heck · Mar 17th, 2021 5:51 pm

Last Updated Mar 19th, 2021 at 8:34 am

In responding to the ongoing left-wing violence in his city, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler raised eyebrows Monday by suggesting "white supremacists" share blame with the "anarchists" populating the streets.

During a press conference, Wheeler addressed the city's continued struggles to overcome the lawlessness that has persisted since summer.

"[The] ongoing criminal destruction, violence and intimidation small groups of self-described anarchists and white supremacists continue to inflict on local businesses, neighborhoods and people," Wheeler said.

Members of local media questioned the logic behind the mayor equating anarchists and white supremacists when all evidence points towards the former as being the source of Portland's problems.

Wheeler acknowledged that the lion share of the destruction was "coming from [the] self-described anarchist left." But, he said, it was important to note that white supremacy is an even bigger problem elsewhere.

"But we also have to acknowledge that in the United States the number-one public safety threat according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is white nationalism," Wheeler stressed. "And we certainly saw elements of that coming to bear during the insurrection at the United States Capitol, and we certainly have to keep up our vigilance here in the City of Portland."

Wheeler warned that those who attack "immigrants, refugees, and people of color," could manifest in Portland as well, demanding the vigilance of citizens.


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