At least 11 dead as tornadoes, severe storms rip across South, Midwest

by Adam Ford · Jan 12th, 2020 1:41 pm

At least 11 people have died, including two first responders, as severe storms and tornadoes ripped across the South and Midwest states over the weekend.

  • Three people died in a tornado in Pickens County, Alabama.
  • Three deaths were reported in northwest Louisiana. Two were the result of winds so strong that a mobile home, with a couple inside, was lifted off its foundation and thrown several hundred feet.
  • A tree fell on a house in Nacogdoches County, Texas, killing a man inside.
  • A man drowned in Oklahoma after being swept away by floodwaters.
  • An icy highway in Oklahoma claimed another life.
  • Two first responders were killed in Lubbock, Texas after they were hit by a vehicle while working the scene of a traffic accident in icy conditions. Another was critically injured.

Hundreds of thousands of households lost power from Texas to Ohio.

Damage was widespread, with many reports of downed trees and power lines, destroyed buildings, overturned vehicles, and fires.


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