Australia fires: At least 22 now dead, 21 missing, more than 1500 homes destroyed, 15M acres burned

by Bryan Brammer · Jan 4th, 2020 12:55 pm

Australian fires have scorched 15 million acres of land, destroyed more than 1500 homes, and killed at least 22 people, with another 21 missing, during the continent's devastating 2019–20 bushfire season.

Below is a brief summary of the damage experienced in each region:

  • Victoria: The 50 bushfires still burning have taken the lives of 2 people, burned 2 million acres of land, and destroyed 68 buildings. All 21 missing people are from the Victoria region.
  • South Australia: Out of the 17 bushfires burning, four have been responsible for killing three people, burning 250,000 acres, and demolishing 88 homes.
  • NSW & ACT: About 137 bushfires are still burning with 60 uncontained. Over 9 million acres of land have been scorched and 1,365 homes destroyed. The current death toll for the region is 17.
  • Northern Territory: This region has seen the least amount of damage with only five bushfires burning and five homes destroyed.
  • Western Australia: More than 35 bushfires are still burning, with two inflicted the most damage. Just over 3.7 million acres have been burned and one home destroyed.
  • Queensland: 33 bushfires have burned through 618,000 acres of land and devastated 45 homes.
  • Tasmania: Two of the 23 bushfires have been responsible for burning through 74,000 acres and destroying two homes.


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