Axios encourages reporters to join protests, will pay bail, medical bills for any staff arrested or injured

by Peter Heck · Jun 9th, 2020 10:30 am

In a move unusual for media organizations, Axios has told its staffers that it would cover costs for any employees injured while protesting.

Co-founder and CEO Jim VandeHei assured Axios employees in a company-wide email on Monday that the outlet would pay the costs associated with any staffer who was injured or arrested during participation.

"First, let me say we proudly support and encourage you to exercise your rights to free speech, press, and protest," VandeHei said. "If you're arrested or meet harm while exercising these rights, Axios will stand behind you and use the Family Fund to cover your bail or assist with medical bills."

VandeHei later sought to clarify that he was not attempting to actively promote participation in the protest marches and demonstrations, nor were his emailed remarks meant to convey a change in company policy.

"We trust our colleagues to do the right thing, and stand firmly behind them should they decide to exercise their constitutional right to free speech," he said in the statement.

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