Brazil, Paraguay blast Argentina for legalizing abortion

by Peter Heck · Jan 1st, 2021 9:02 am

Last Updated Jan 2nd, 2021 at 2:40 pm

As Argentina became the largest country in South America to legalize abortion, prompting thousands to celebrate in the streets, neighboring countries have been quick to issue their condemnation of the decision.

The president of Brazil issued a statement on Twitter promising that his government would always protect the lives of the innocent.

President Jair Bolsonaro was not the only Brazilian official to criticize Argentina. The country's foreign affairs minister, Ernesto Araújo, promised on social media that Brazil would remain in "the vanguard of the right to life and in the defense of the matter how many countries legalize the barbarity of indiscriminate abortion disguised as ‘reproductive health' or ‘social rights.'"

Meanwhile, in another Latin American nation, the Paraguayan House of Representatives observed a formal moment of silence in respect for the dignity of all "the babies that will die" in Argentina.

🔦 Argentina President Alberto Fernández, who introduced the bill to his national legislature, has defended the new abortion law, saying that eliminating more babies will reduce poverty in the country.


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