Hume says Mueller, Russia coverage "worst journalistic fiasco" he has seen

by Peter Heck · May 18th, 2020 12:16 pm

In a discussion with Fox News' Martha MacCallum, longtime newsman Brit Hume lamented the lack of journalistic integrity demonstrated by American media throughout the course of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

MacCallum began the segment by quoting a scathing editorial from the New York Post that excoriated both former President Obama and the media for their handling of the entire episode.

"'Pulitzer prizes were won for blaring utter fiction; the Trump administration was kneecapped out of the gate,'" MacCallum quoted. "'Innocents like Flynn were bankrupted along the way. Say this about Obama: He knows how to play dirty.'"

MacCallum then turned to Hume, who cautioned that while it is too early to make any conclusive judgments about the role Obama may have played in what unfolded, the verdict is in on the media's inexcusable conduct.

"It was the worst journalistic fiasco of my more than 50 some years of journalism. It was a disaster. You look at the editor of The New York Times, Dean Baquet, they said he had set up his whole newsroom, his whole journalistic operation was to cover that story and it ended up going nowhere," Hume said.

Hume criticized the media outlets for not giving any credence to the thought that the narrative they were presenting might be false, comparing it to when outlets ran what turned out to be defamatory lies about the Covington Catholic high school students attending the annual March for Life.

"It was a terrible journalistic misjudgment, and it was rooted in their view, in my opinion, it was rooted in their view of Trump, that when this charge arose, they thought so little of him, and he was such a terrible person, that had to be true. The Washington Post and The New York Times pursued it relentlessly," Hume said.

Adding that "they don't seem to learn," Hume pointed to the coverage of the coronavirus lockdowns as further evidence of the same approach.

"There is a desire to see this thing, the shutdown should continue endlessly, and anything that points in that direction, they love and anything that doesn't, they don't," Hume said.


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