Buttigieg helps 4th-grader "tell the world" he's gay at campaign event

by Daniel Payne · Feb 24th, 2020 2:40 pm

At a recent campaign event, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg helped a nine-year-old boy "tell the world" that he was gay, commending him on coming out of the closet in a room full of strangers.

During a question-and-answer session at the Denver, Colorado, event on Saturday, Buttigieg fielded a query from fourth-grade attendee Zachary Ro.

"Thank you for being so brave. Would you help me tell the world I'm gay, too?" Ro said in a written question.

Buttigieg brought the young man up on stage and spoke to him about his own experiences coming out.

🔦 Buttigieg has lately been criticized by gay activists for allegedly not being committed enough to gay culture and gay causes.


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