California high school athletes sue Gov. Gavin Newsom in attempt to lift indoor sports ban

by Jenny Mount · Mar 2nd, 2021 4:20 pm

Last Updated Mar 3rd, 2021 at 8:00 pm

A group of California high school athletes have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Gavin Newsom in an effort to force a lift of the Democrat's ban on indoor sports.

The high school students expressed frustration that college sports have been permitted to engage in indoor activities, but their events are typically canceled.

"The State of California and County of Orange declarations, orders, rules and/or regulations arbitrarily prohibit playing indoor high school and youth sports while at the same time allowing some of these sports (or sports with increased contact) to be played by professional and/or college sports teams in the County and throughout the state in similarly situated counties," the lawsuit read.

According to the students' lawyers, "there is no rational or reasonable basis to prohibit playing indoor high school and/or youth sports" as long as the athletes are adhering to similar protocols as their professional and collegiate counterparts.

"They can't say that it's OK for college to play and not OK for the high school kids to play," said basketball player and Junior at Canyon High School Caleb Graham. "The time to move forward is now, there's not a huge risk to these kids, especially if we follow the same protocols that colleges and pros follow."

A temporary restraining order was secured on February 21 by the law firm representing the athletes against San Diego County which prohibits the area from enforcing youth sports bans.

"While there are obvious differences in size and age, the Court focuses on the similarities of the risks of the game (related to COVID) and the risks to the community," said superior court Judge Earl Maas. "Youth being similarly situated, or even less likely to contract COVID, the analysis turns to whether there was a rational basis to distinguish between professional, college and youth sports. This Court finds ... that there is not. The Game is the same, the risk of spread is similar, the youth are already practicing, and with School closures or limitations on attendance, youth are isolated."


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