CDC confirms 2nd U.S. case of coronavirus, monitoring 63 others across 22 states

by Bryan Brammer · Jan 24th, 2020 12:34 pm

The CDC announced on Friday that a second case of the coronavirus has been confirmed in the U.S. after a Chicago woman returned from Wuhan with the infection.

The new patient, a woman in her 60s, traveled to China toward the end of December and began experiencing symptoms upon her return to the U.S. last week, according to health officials.

After contacting her doctors, she remained inside her home and did not use public transportation or attend any large group functions. Health officials say she is in stable condition.

Currently, the CDC is monitoring 63 other potential cases across 22 states, but says the risk to the general public is still low.

"CDC believes the immediate risk to the U.S. public is low at this time, but the situation is evolving rapidly," director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Dr. Nancy Messonnier said. "We have our best people working on this problem."

The coronavirus, first detected on December 31, has killed at least 26 people in China and has infected over 900 people worldwide.


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