China: Authorities raid church Bible study, detain multiple Christians

by Joel Abbott · Aug 26th, 2020 1:23 pm

Last Updated Sep 1st, 2020 at 12:19 pm

Chinese authorities have raided a church in Guangzhou, accusing Christians of "spreading evil religion," according to the Christian human rights organization China Aid.

The raid on the Bible Reformed Church in Guangzhou – a city of nearly 15 million people that borders Hong Kong in southern China – is the most recent attack in an ongoing campaign against the church. Authorities have raided the church multiple times in recent years, detained and arrested members, and imposed fines. The 100-member congregation was founded in 2010 and has blatantly refused to register as a state-run church, which would mean submitting to the Communist Party's mandates of promoting communist policy and giving praise to President Xi.

Police raided the church during a Bible study and arrested three members, including staff member Yang Jun. While two of the members were released after questioning, Yang was held for a day on the charge that he had been "showing off and swindling."

The pastor of Bible Reformed Church, Huang Xiaoning, appealed to authorities on behalf of the church, but remains committed to the church's mission.

"[They] can come at any time and ‘enforce the law,' and we, at any time, might be executed," he said, "but our worship will never cease."


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