Christian comedian John Crist breaks silence following accusations of sexual misconduct in 2019

by Bryan Brammer · Jul 15th, 2020 1:06 pm

Last Updated Jul 16th, 2020 at 7:01 pm

Christian comedian John Crist on Wednesday posted a video to his Instagram account, breaking roughly eight months of silence following accusations of sexual misconduct at the end of 2019.

After commenting that it had "felt like forever" since he posted anything on the internet considering he previously posted content every day, Crist thanked all those that supported him during his media hiatus.

"Let me say first and foremost, thank you for all the love, and care, and support that you guys have showed me. It has meant the world," Crist said. "I was in a treatment facility for four months and I was away from my phone and everything. My sister would just send me letters from people that had reached out to me or sent a letter to our office or our website. People caring for me, concerned about me, praying for me, wishing for my restoration and healing. Incredibly humbled to receive that support. Certainly, certainly undeserved based on decisions that I made in my personal life, but incredibly humbling to receive."

Crist was accused of sexting multiple women during the same time period, initiating sexual relationships with women who were married or in committed relationships, and offering show tickets in exchange for sexual favors, among other things.

The comedian went on to admit he made "a lot of poor choices" and that he was the only one to blame for the lack of judgement.

"I want to say that I made a lot of poor choices in my personal life. I've made a lot of decisions that hurt myself, and hurt other people, and that embarrassed myself, and that had consequences, and I can look you in the eye and own that," Crist continued. "Coming all the way through the healing and recovery process, I can look at you eight months later and say that those choices were on me... and I point the finger at no one else but me."

Christians were drawn to Crist's humor for how he would poke fun at Christian culture and lightheartedly call out its hypocrisy. In his video, however, he confessed that he was the "biggest hypocrite."

"I make a living, all my comedy videos were pointing out hypocrisy in a lot of ways... That I was portraying a person on the internet that I was not behaving like privately. I think that's the simplest and easiest way to put it, and that's on me," Crist said.


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