130 Colorado scientists and medical professionals support ban of late-term abortion

by Jenny Mount · Sep 24th, 2020 2:53 pm

Last Updated Sep 26th, 2020 at 6:34 am

More than 130 scientists and medical professionals in Colorado have signed a letter in support of Proposition 115, which seeks to ban abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Colorado currently has no laws regulating late-term abortion, making abortions possible up to the point of birth.

"As Healthcare professionals we are totally aware of the science of human development," the letter said. "The humanity of a 22-week fetus is apparent to each of us. There can be no doubt that the 22-week fetus is fully alive and fully human."

Proposition 115 would ban abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy except if the mother's life is in danger. If the measure passes, doctors will be facing a three-year suspension of their licenses for performing or attempting to perform abortions.

A petition to get the initiative on the upcoming ballot has been signed by more than 150,000 Colorado residents.

"With advances in medical science, it has become obvious that the fetus is much more than ‘just pregnancy tissue', as some would claim," said the 134 health care professionals and scientists in their letter last week. "There can be no equivocation that the fetus is a living, learning, and actively participating human being," they explained. "Every one of these lives has inherent value and dignity. They deserve to be embraced and protected by the citizens of Colorado, as equal members of our society."

Recognizing that some pregnant women will face hardships, the doctors and scientists said that both public and private venues should provide such women with a strong support system. Adoption, perinatal hospice programs, and housing for pregnant women was also strongly encouraged.


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