Conservative coffee brand blocked by Chase Bank sees nearly 8,000% increase in sales

by Joel Abbott · Mar 10th, 2021 1:14 pm

Last Updated Mar 10th, 2021 at 11:41 pm

A pro-Trump online coffee retailer that was blocked from accepting payments through Chase Bank last month has seen a drastic surge in sales in the following weeks.

Covfefe Coffee was banned from use Chase's WePay system due to "one or more of the activities prohibited by [their] Terms of Service." No specific reason was given by Chase for the cancellation, which hampered the small company's ability to do business.

The retailer said it believed it had been targeted because of its political opinions.

"The social credit system that is talked about in China, which conservatives say one day it's coming here, no. We already have it," said the company at the time.

Since that time, the company reported a jump of more than 7,500% in sales. A spokesperson for Covfefe Coffee encouraged others to "fear God, not Chase Bank," and said the company would use the increased support to give to groups such as Look Ahead America that are facing legal action over their reporting on allegations of election fraud.

The retailer will also donate to the Discovery Institute's Christopher Rufo, who has been exposing Critical Race Theory in the American educational system.


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