Antibody testing estimates 14% of NY state residents — 21% in NYC — have already had COVID-19

by Bryan Brammer · Apr 23rd, 2020 12:43 pm

Results of a COVID-19 antibody test released by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Thursday estimate that 13.9% of state residents have already had COVID-19. The figure goes up to 20% for New York City.

The state tested 3,000 New Yorkers at grocery stores and shopping centers across 19 counties in 40 localities to determine if they had coronavirus antibodies, indicating they had been infected with the virus and recovered.

The results of positive antibody tests differed across the state.

  • New York City: 21.2%
  • Long Island: 16.8%
  • Westchester: 11.7%
  • Rest of New York: 3.6%

Cuomo called the testing "preliminary" but said the 3,000 test sample was a "significant data set" to make a reasonable conclusion that many New Yorkers have recovered from the virus without even knowing they were infected.

"What we found so far is that the state-wide number is 13.9% [1.2 million] tested positive for having the antibodies. They were infected three weeks ago, four weeks ago, five weeks ago, six weeks ago, but they had the virus, they developed the antibodies and they are now recovered."


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