Dallas judge grants mother full decision-making power in transitioning 8-year-old son to girl

by Bryan Brammer · Aug 14th, 2020 1:19 pm

Facebook / Save James

Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 3:19 pm

A Dallas judge Tuesday granted the mother of an 8-year-old boy sole decision-making authority in "transitioning" him to a girl named "Luna."

Judge Mary Brown of Dallas County Court reversed the October ruling of Judge Kim Cooks by granting the request of Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician who allegedly diagnosed her son James with gender dysphoria when he was just three years old, according to LifeSiteNews.

The case of James Younger went viral on Twitter last year after his father, Jeffrey Younger, posted a video on social media of James saying, "Mommy tells me I'm a girl."

Georgulas's ex-husband says James gives no indication that he wants to be a girl when his son is under his care.

A consensus of 11 of 12 Dallas jurors voted against Younger's attempt to prevent his ex-wife from starting James on puberty blockers and said the joint decision-making power over James and his twin brother should be solely given to Georgulas.

Despite testimonies from family friends who have affirmed that James dresses and behaves as a boy while in Younger's care, the Dallas court has prohibited Younger from dressing James like a boy and from sharing faith-based or biologically-based teachings on sexuality.

The Save James Facebook page says that Brown's order gives Younger's ex-wife the right to register James in school as "Luna."

A Tuesday post on the site says, "James and Jude did NOT have a victory in court today."

"Judge Mary Brown has condemned James and Jude to a life of therapy, confusion, and abuse without even having a hearing. There are no other words for what has happened today," the post reads. "She has forced James to live as 'Luna' in a school surrounded by teachers and therapists who do not acknowledge that he has said multiple times to multiple people (without Jeff around) that he wants to be a boy and hates being forced to be a girl. She has forced Jude into a stressful existence of constant lies and misery as he watches his brother get destroyed before him without any hope for an end to this madness. Anne won this battle without even a hearing."


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