Warren, Buttigieg disagree with O’Rourke’s call to strip churches of tax-exempt status

by Daniel Payne · Oct 15th, 2019 4:06 pm

Last Updated Nov 18th, 2019 at 10:22 am

Two Democrats in the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field have criticized the tail-ender Beto O’Rourke for his proposal to strip churches of their tax-exempt status if they do not accept and endorse same-sex marriage.

Democratic presidential candidate O’Rourke made the suggestion last week at the Democratic LGBT town hall event. At that forum he said that as president he would “make [it] a priority” to start imposing taxes on religious institutions that did not endorse the concept of same-sex marriages.

The campaigns of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg both criticized O’Rourke’s plan this week. Warren “does not think we should require [churches] to conduct same-sex marriages,” her campaign said.

Buttigieg suggested that O’Rourke does not understand the implications of his argument, pointing out that an administration that chose to impose LGBT ideology on religious institutions would be “going to war” with both churches and mosques.

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