Disney World denies entry to 7-year-old autistic girl because she can’t wear a mask

by Peter Heck · Aug 19th, 2020 9:14 am

Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 3:10 pm

A father from Pennsylvania published a video of him arguing with a Disney World employee outside the Magic Kingdom after his 7-year-old autistic daughter was denied entry into the park since she is unable to wear a facemask.

After two years planning and saving, Richard Ross brought his family from Pennsylvania for an 8-day vacation at the Orlando theme park. Despite knowing that Disney World has a mandatory mask policy, the Rosses said they researched to find that Orange County, where the park is located, has the same medical exemption policy as the state of Pennsylvania, where their daughter is able to go anywhere without a mask.

Ross's daughter has a diagnosed sensory processing disorder which prevents her brain from comprehending the messages it receives when the face is covered. Ross told the Disney worker, "her heart starts pounding, she can't breathe."

The worker calmly tried to explain the policy, saying in the video clip, "Sir, I apologize, I know you're frustrated."

Ross proceeds to accuse the park of refusing to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act.

After being denied entry into the park, Ross claims that Disney intentionally drug out the ordeal for four days, as the little girl was not allowed to be anywhere but the hotel room and the pool. The family left to return home after four days, having lost a significant amount of money.

The Ross family's 8-day vacation package was reportedly pre-paid.


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