Dr. Seuss accused of “orientalism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy” by SPLC, major school district cancels him

by Peter Heck · Feb 27th, 2021 10:52 am

Last Updated Mar 1st, 2021 at 1:40 pm

Loudoun County Schools in Virginia, one of the wealthiest districts in America, has announced that they will not be participating in the national recognition of Dr. Seuss's birthday, annually celebrated with Read Across America Day.

The school system has decided that despite his playful, rhyming prose, too much of Dr. Seuss's content contains "racial undertones" not appropriate for what they call "culturally responsive and racially conscious" learning.

"Realizing that many schools continue to celebrate ‘Read Across America Day' in partial recognition of Dr. Seuss' birthday, it is important for us to be cognizant of research that may challenge our practice in this regard," the school system said. "As we become more culturally responsive and racially conscious, all building leaders should know that in recent years there has been research revealing radical undertones in the books written and the illustrations drawn by Dr. Seuss."

Part of that research may be what was recently produced by the education arm of the controversial left-wing activist group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Learning for Justice," formerly known as "Teaching Tolerance," ran an article called "It's Time to Talk About Dr. Seuss." The article cited a study from St. Catherine University that said Seuss's original work as a cartoonist, before he became a beloved children's author, was full of "orientalism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy."

The article claimed that any teacher or school system that defends Dr. Seuss's work, or continues to celebrate it, is an "apologist" for racism and is sending the message that "bigotry doesn't matter."


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