Drag queen urges parents to keep kids away from drag: "Don't ruin your child's life"

by Laura Mize · Jan 21st, 2020 1:12 pm

Last Updated Jan 21st, 2020 at 3:05 pm

A drag queen known as Kitty Demure has taken to Twitter with a video warning for parents: The drag scene is not for kids.

Demure's message comes as public libraries in some communities are hosting drag queen story hour for children.

"What in the h*** has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them, and admire them so much, other than put on makeup and jump on the floor and writhe around and do sexual things on stage?" Demure asks in the video.

"A drag queen performs in a night club for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on, a lot of sexual stuff that goes on, and back stage there's a lot of nudity, sex, and drugs," he continued.

He said that exposing children to drag queens is comparable to exposing them to porn stars or strippers and cautioned that to "get them involved in drag is extremely, extremely irresponsible."

He urged parents to keep children home or entertain them with a trip to Disneyland, Chuck E. Cheese, or the circus.


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