Entertainment Break: Is this the luckiest golf shot of all time?

by Adam Ford · Feb 22nd, 2020 4:42 pm

It's that time again. Time for an Entertainment Break.

I've seen a few zillion golf shots in my life. And this might just be the luckiest and/or most inexplicable shot of all time:

Yeah. He hit it right into the drink. And the ball, dropping in vertically, just straight-up bounced off the surface of the water.

Slo-mo on the bottom video:

How does that even happen? Whatever happened to physics?

The only explanation anyone can think of that I've seen is that there was a turtle swimming just below the surface of the water and the ball bounced off its shell.

Whatever the case — this just might be the luckiest golf shot of all time.

This has been an Entertainment Break. Now back to your regularly scheduled news.


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