Evangelical Leaders Slammed For Endorsing Paula White’s Latest Book

by Daniel Payne · Oct 17th, 2019 4:16 pm
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Last Updated Nov 15th, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Several leaders in the evangelical community took heat for endorsing a new book by Paula White, a Christian author and preacher who has been criticized as a proponent of the “prosperity gospel.”

White’s most recent book, titled Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials, is billed as an “honest and stirring” account of White’s journey to Christianity. It was praised by such leaders as Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie, Jack Graham, and Robert Jeffress. Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. suggested his followers purchase the book, as well.

These endorsements received sharp pushback on social media. Christian author Justin Peters urged Jeffress to “immediately disassociate” from White, claiming she was “unqualified and disqualified” to be a Christian minister. On Twitter, one of Jack Graham’s followers told him: “You just lost all credibility.” Another said: “Shame on you, Jack Graham.” A commenter of Falwell Jr.’s tweeted: “Remember when [Liberty University] actually distance[d] itself from prosperity gospel teachers[?]”

Paula White is known to be a spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, and those evangelical leaders who have recommended her book are known to be stalwart Trump-supporters, leaving many to accuse them of putting politics and power over theology.

Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham have since deleted their tweets promoting the book.

🔦 The prosperity gospel is a recently developed Christian philosophy holding that blessings such as wealth, health, relationships, and security are the natural fruits of following Christ and are manifested in the lives of those who have an adequate amount of faith — which is usually quantified by monetary donations to the teacher or ministry espousing the beliefs. It is generally regarded as outside orthodox evangelical belief.

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