"Every person I touched was healed": Francis Chan says he supernaturally healed numerous people in Myanmar village

by Adam Ford · Feb 12th, 2020 7:09 pm

Last Updated Feb 12th, 2020 at 7:34 pm

Author and speaker Francis Chan claimed Tuesday that during a trip to Myanmar two weeks ago, he supernaturally healed numerous people in a rural village.


"When I was in that village two weeks ago — no believers — they don't even have a comprehension of healing. And I'm going, 'God, please, please here.'

People started coming forward for healing. Every person I touched was healed.

This is craziness to me. I have never experienced this in 52 years.

I'm talking, like, a little boy and a little girl who were deaf. We lay hands, she starts crying ... and she's like, freaking out. And we're, like, lay hands on your little brother. We lay hands on him and he starts hearing for the first time. You guys, this is out of my comfort zone. This is stuff I'd read about but I'm going, man, it happened. It happened. I mean just stuff, like, left and right. . . .

I mean, I thought I had faith. But my faith was at another level."

The remarks were made during a sermon Chan delivered at Moody Bible Institute's Founders Week Conference.

The entire message can be watched below, with the relevant portion beginning around the 35:00 mark:

* * *

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