Experts say "quarantine fatigue" may pose threat to stay-at-home orders

by Daniel Payne · Apr 27th, 2020 2:37 pm

Researchers and social scientists are claiming that "quarantine fatigue," in which individuals grow sick of staying at home indefinitely under the orders of their state governors, may soon pose a threat to the lockdowns currently gripping most of the United States.

Cell phone data reportedly show that an increasing number of Americans are going outside relative to when the lockdowns first began, a sign some scientists say indicates a growing frustrating with the extreme shutdown policies put in place by state governments over the past several weeks.

In recent weeks public health officials have shifted from arguing for a brief lockdown period — one that was originally meant to "flatten the curve" of the disease's hospitalization rate — to arguing for extended stay-at-home orders possibly lasting many months until widespread testing and "contact tracing" can be implemented.


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