Explosions reported in Israel near nuclear reactor

by Jenny Mount · Apr 22nd, 2021 11:00 am

Last Updated Apr 24th, 2021 at 12:59 am

Large explosions have been reported and air raid sirens have sounded off near Israel's Dimona nuclear facility in the southern Israeli district of Abu Qrenat.

Abu Qrenat is deeper within Israel than the usual range of Palestinian rockets. Israeli media has reported that air defenses in Dimona had been strengthened in anticipation of an attack.

According to Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a surface-to-air missile was fired from Syria to Israel's southern Negev region.

An attack was also launched 10 days ago against Iran's Natanz nuclear facility, which was widely attributed to Israel.

"Unfortunately, by announcing that Iran will install more advanced centrifuges at the damaged facility and that it will increase uranium enrichment to 60 percent, the president [Hassan Rouhani] has effectively announced that Iran will not respond proportionally to the attack at all," said regional analyst Saadullah Zarai. "It is the clear position of this author that the appropriate response to the Natanz incident — based on [the concept of] an eye for an eye and based on the policy of creating a security deterrence — should be action against the [Israeli] nuclear facility in Dimona. This is because no other action is at the same level as the Natanz incident."


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