FBI investigating Jersey City shooting as act of domestic terrorism

by Adam Ford · Dec 12th, 2019 2:08 pm

The mass shooting at a Jersey City kosher deli on Tuesday that killed six, including one police officer and the two assailants, is now being investigated by the FBI as a domestic terrorism event with a hate crime bias, according to the United States Attorney for New Jersey.

At least one of the two shooters was a devotee of an extreme wing of the Black Hebrew Israelite cult which believes in black supremacy and views white people and Jews as satanic. The attackers also harbored disdain for police officers.

The two gunmen, whom Disrn will not name, murdered Jersey City police Detective Joseph Seals at a cemetery before storming the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket and gunning down those inside. They then stayed in the store and engaged police in an hours-long firefight, during which they were both killed.

Surveillance video of the event clearly shows that the shooters targeted the Jewish store, as they bypass dozens of other people in cars and on the sidewalk to fire into the deli.


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