Feminist group at Portland State University excludes white students

by Jordyn Pair · Nov 21st, 2019 4:02 pm

A group known as the "Feminists of Color Collective" has explicitly excluded white students from its weekly gatherings in the Women's Resource Center at Portland State University, according to a flyer posted by PSU Professor Peter Boghossian late Tuesday.

"The Feminist [sic] of Color Collective is a space for students of color on PSU's campus to gather in community through story-telling [sic], connection, and exploring dialogue of feminist possibilities," the flyer reads. "This work is done by deepening understandings of feminist of color theories, expanding feminist praxis, self-reflection and building relationships with peers of color. This is a space soley [sic] for people of color. All genders welcome."

Boghossian said that although he was not entirely sure, it appeared as if the exclusion violated the "prohibited discrimination and harassment policy" of the university.

A spokeperson for the university answering a query from The College Fix about the group did not answer questions about potentially breaking discrimination rules at the college, although he did say the center is "committed" to serving "historically underrepresented" students.

"Like a lot of student support centers here and elsewhere, various student groups gather in those spaces for support, discussion, events, speakers, etc. In this case the Feminist of Color Collective is a student-based group for folks of color," the spokesperson said. "They meet weekly for one hour in an affinity space at the Women's Resource Center to provide peer support, share a meal, and decompress. The Women's Resource Center is committed to providing spaces for students of all genders, including serving those students who are historically underrepresented and marginalized on campus in order to support their retention and persistence through higher education."


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