Finance guru Dave Ramsey replies to critics outraged by his stimulus comments

by Jenny Mount · Feb 12th, 2021 3:16 pm

Last Updated Feb 13th, 2021 at 4:22 pm

Dave Ramsey, personal finance guru, responded to critics who were seemingly upset by his comments against the proposed $600 stimulus.

"So apparently this is worth discussing. Because according to Twitter it's the number one thing on Twitter right now," said Ramsey on his show.

In an earlier interview, Ramsey explained his opposition to a $600 stimulus relief check proposed by lawmakers.

"So I said on Fox News this morning, that I don't believe in the stimulus check because if you get $600 or $1,400 and it changes your life, you didn't have a life, you're already screwed," Ramsey said. "And apparently that's news to people. It's like, apparently, I have upset and melted many snowflakes!"

Ramsey noted that he was not trying to "poor-shame" people, as his critics accused. He was merely pointing out that many people needed to improve their financial standing so that they would not have to depend on a government stimulus check.

"I dared to suggest that the government is not going to fix your life, I dared to suggest that they can't fix your life, that it's up to you to fix your life, and you're not gonna have a good life as long as you wait on them to fix it," Ramsey said. "I dared to suggest that, and so snowflakes are melting everywhere, they are going bananas!"


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