Fledgling system test runs 3 pizza delivery drones

by Jenny Mount · Jan 29th, 2021 3:01 pm

Last Updated Jan 30th, 2021 at 4:27 pm

Three drones are making six test runs a day from a Pizza Hut near Tel Aviv, Israel, to designated parking lots where drivers pick up the food and drive the "last mile" to deliver the orders.

Pizza Hut Israel has been working with Dragontail Systems, a restaurant logistics company, for more than a month to test delivery by drone from a single store in Bnei Dror.

According to Ido Levanon, founder and CEO of Dragontail, customers will be able to use trackers to follow the drone en-route.

However, drones are not able to fly in heavy wind or rain and are currently only able to carry 5.5 pounds.

"It's about two pizzas and a Coke," President of Pizza Hut Israel Udi Shamai said.

UPS, Alphabet, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart and other major companies are in the midst of moving forward with plans for delivery-by-drone. It has been predicted that this type of market will bring in $115 annually by 2035.

Verizon and UPS are on board with drone deliveries as they plan to deliver goods to The Villages in Florida. Other companies are preparing to deliver coronavirus vaccines by drone.


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