Former Bush, Trump alums start pro-Biden super PAC

by Peter Heck · Jun 17th, 2020 12:00 pm

"The Right Side PAC," a group comprised of fired and former operatives within the George W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations, are launching an effort to encourage Republican voters to support Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The PAC's founder, Matt Borges, formerly headed the Republican Party of Ohio, and has now teamed with fired Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci to lead a group targeting voters in important battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

The group, which includes dozens of operatives who worked on Bush's presidential campaign, as well as the failed campaign of Sen. John McCain, plans to highlight Biden's commitment to U.S. military alliances, free trade, and federalism, in order to entice Republicans who have tired of Trump.

Though The Right Side PAC is similar to other anti-Trump Republican groups like The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump, the new organization is focused less on TV and internet ads and is primarily engaged in data and turnout.

Scaramucci said he is "very confident that we can convince a large group of Republican voters that Biden is the right person to vote for if they want to stay true to their principles and to the legacy of the Republican Party."

Borges added that while he will be voting for all other Republicans except Trump on the November ballot, this is an effort to "cut out the cancer and start rebuilding."


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