Former Sen. Harry Reid on expanding SCOTUS: "We better be very, very careful"

by Jeffrey Swindoll · Apr 11th, 2021 10:01 am

Last Updated Apr 12th, 2021 at 8:36 pm

Former Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said on Saturday "we better be very, very careful in saying that we need to expand the Supreme Court."

Reid's comments come after President Joe Biden created a federal commission on Friday to conduct a six-month study on proposed changes to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I have no problem with the commission, but I think that the commission is going to come back and disappoint a lot of people because I think they're going to come back and say, we should just kind of leave it alone," Reid said.

The White House said the commission would examine topics of the "reform debate," including "the Court's role in the Constitutional system; the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court's case selection, rules, and practices."

"I think it would be inappropriate at this time after that long history we've had in the country [to] have term limits for judges," Reid said.

When Reid was asked by CNN host Jim Acosta if he had regrets about "eliminating the filibuster for most nominations by presidents" in 2013, Reid replied, "None whatsoever."

"As a result of my changing rules, we were able to get a lot done in Obama's first term as president of the United States," Reid said. "His first Congress was the most productive Congress in the history of the country."


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