GA pastor raises $12,000 for Waffle House waitress after learning her unborn child has same name as his late son

by Laura Mize · Oct 6th, 2020 2:45 pm

Last Updated Oct 12th, 2020 at 1:21 pm

A Waffle House waitress in Stockbridge, Georgia, got the tip of a lifetime earlier this month after meeting a local pastor who felt called to help the pregnant server.

Hannah Hill, whose unborn son is due in a few weeks, met Bishop Eusebio Phelps at the end of September when he came in to pick up a to-go order.

"She was so nice over the telephone, and when I got there I paid for my food, and I told her to keep the change," the pastor told a local news outlet. "And then when I looked at her, I asked if she was pregnant — she said yes so at that time I was just really urged to give her the rest of the money that I had in my wallet, which was around $40. And so I gave her the $40, and I told her that I just wanted to be able to bless her so she could buy something for the baby."

Hill shared the name of her unborn baby: Samuel. Phelps was touched because his own son, who died seven years ago in Atlanta, was named Samuel. He says he went home and told his wife he wanted to raise $1,000 and give it to Hill to buy things for her baby. He posted about his encounter with the server online. In about a day, people had donated more than $12,000 to give to Hill.

Much of it came from Phelps's congregation at New Faith Christian Church. Hill, who has another son, said she was sleeping in her car when she received a call from a relative to go to the Waffle House right away. She arrived to find cheering customers and Phelps there with a surprise check.

Hill said she is "so grateful and appreciative to everybody, God is good all the time." She noted that the generosity "makes me wanna get back in church."

Later, she told a TV news reporter that receiving the money takes "a big weight off my shoulders, and I just know I'm going to be okay."

Hill said she plans to use the money to help her get a new place to live with the baby's father and a new car. New Faith Christian Church also said it will pay childcare expenses for Hill's sons for one year.


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