Gallup: More women than men are pro-life

by Jordyn Pair · Nov 23rd, 2019 3:41 pm

More women than men are pro-life, according to a new Gallup poll.

According to the study, 51 percent of women consider themselves pro-life, compared to 46 percent of men. Meanwhile, 43 percent of women and 48 percent of men identify as pro-choice.

Gallup also found that women are generally more pro-life in other ways:

  • 24 percent of women say abortion should be illegal in "all circumstances," compared to 18 percent of men.
  • 24 percent of women say abortion should be legal in all circumstances, compared to 25 percent of men
  • 50 percent of women say it should be legal in "certain circumstances," compared to 56 percent of men.

? Since 1979, the percentage of women who support abortion without restrictions has never gone over 34 percent in Gallup polls.


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